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Probiotic +

Support Bowel Regularity, Immunity & Weight Loss

A daily dose of Probiotic + will reliably help your bowel movements be more regular and comfortable, accelerate fat loss, increase energy, promote a healthy and diverse microbiome and support your immune system.1-10

Probiotic +

Support Bowel Regularity, Immunity & Weight Loss

A daily dose of Probiotic + will reliably help your bowel movements be more regular and comfortable, accelerate fat loss, increase energy, promote a healthy and diverse microbiome and support your immune system.1-10




What can Probiotic + help me with?

With Your Daily Dose Of Probiotic +, You Can Expect: 

  • More regular and comfortable bowel movements

  • Accelerated fat loss

  • Improved resistance to stress

  • Sustained daily energy

  • A slimmer waistline

  • Less gas and bloating

  • Stronger immunity

Get Your GI Tract
Back On Track

Probiotic + is a premium blend of beneficial microorganisms and herbal adaptogens formulated by our in-house naturopathic physicians Drs. Joshua and Amanda Levitt to specifically help:

  • Reduce gas, bloating, and indigestion6
  • Improve bowel regularity.6
  • Support intestinal immunity.6
  • Promote a healthy, balanced, and diverse microbiome.6

Science has discovered that a healthy GI microbiome is critically important in the health of:

  • Your brain - where it can improve mood, sleep, and cognitive performance.7
  • Your metabolism - where it can improve the the rate that you burn calories, reduce food cravings, control blood sugar fluctuations, and accelerate fat loss.7
  • The immune system - where it can improve resistance to infection and decrease risk of allergy and autoimmunity.7

The 6 powerful, proven probiotic strains you’ll get in Probiotic + are:

Acidophilus LA-14

This strain has proven benefits for general system support and has been studied specifically for women’s health.16


A proven strain for gastrointestinal health, L. rhamnosus has strong adhesion inside the intestine where it gets to work decreasing inflammation and modulating immune function and disease resistance.17

Plantarum LP-115

Found in traditional fermented foods like sauerkraut, Lp-115 is a survivor. It can survive the acidic conditions in the stomach and sets up camp in the intestine where it is extremely effective for improving gastrointestinal function and immunity.18

Bifidum BB-06 

This beneficial bacteria is an important part of the intestinal ecosystem from before the time humans can even walk. Healthy populations of Bb-06 in the intestine help gastrointestinal function, metabolism, and inflammation.19

Breve BB-03

This strain of Bifidobacterium became famous in 2015 when research was published that demonstrated that Bb-03 can improve metabolism and help people lose fat more easily. 20


This is not a bacteria like the rest of the strains in the formula. Instead it is a beneficial, non-pathogenic microorganism that is similar to brewer's yeast. It helps to expel the unwanted “bad bugs” from the GI tract, which leaves room for the “good guys” to grow. This improves immunity by increasing the levels of protective antibodies in the lining of the intestine, which improves the immunity of the intestine itself and the body as a whole. 21

Plus these 3 herbal adaptogenic superfoods (that most probiotic formulas are missing):

Holy Basil

Also known as “Tulsi”, this herbal medicine deserves it’s holy nickname. It is a plant that has been described in ancient medical texts as “incomparable” and a symbol of strength and modern medical research confirms that holy basil lives up to its reputation. As an herbal adaptogen, holy basil improves resilience to stress in all of its forms. Consuming holy basil has a wide range of beneficial physiological effects including: more efficient digestion, increased physical stamina, protection against toxic exposures and improved glucose control. 22, 23

Turkey Tail

Named for the shape and the beautiful colorations on its surface, Turkey Tail is a mushroom with potent medicinal properties. Turkey Tail has been extensively studied with hundreds of scientific papers demonstrating its usefulness in gastroenterology, immunology, and even oncology. It is a rich source of polysaccharide-K and polysaccharopeptides which act as “prebiotics'' in Probiotic + and make it useful in re-establishing healthy digestive and immune function, especially in the setting of stress. 24


Ginger is most commonly used in the kitchen where its adds a zing to any meal...but it deserves a place on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet too. Ginger root is a favorite among herbalists for its benefits on gastrointestinal health and digestion.The ginger in Probiotic + also acts to increase circulation in the GI tract and enhances the power and effectiveness of all of the other ingredients in the formula. 25

Improve Bowel Regularity, Support Intestinal Immunity and Promote a Healthy, Balanced and Diverse Microbiome


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"Probiotics has been working great, no stomach pain or bloating gas at night. Going regularly & getting good sleep at night."

Elmer R.

"I have truly tried so many supplements just trying to keep my gut in check. Had problems for several years…I’m feeling so much better now and only been taking them for a little over a month now. Thanks."

Steven W.

"I’ve tried many probiotics over the years! This one is by far the best!"

Marianne C.

"I absolutely love this probiotic! It has helped me on so many levels! I have some food sensitivities and this helps keep me on track!"

Mary T. R.

"I absolutely love these probiotics. They almost immediately start working for me. Gut has never been happier!"

Erwin Y.

"Since I have been taking them my acid reflux has gotten 80% better"

Linda G.


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