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Golden Revive + 

Joint and Muscle Support

Golden Revive + is an all-natural solution for stiff joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. It is an advanced, physician-formulated combination of safe and effective natural ingredients that will help: 

Support Healthy Joints

Promote Pain-Free Mobility

Ease Muscle Tension

Improve Circulation 

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America's Most Powerful Turmeric

200X Stronger Than Raw Turmeric

BCM-95 Curcumin:

Golden Revive + contains a proprietary turmeric extract turmeric called BCM-95 which is a 100% pure turmeric extract that is backed by over 50 clinical studies that demonstrate its safety and effectiveness. The purity and potency of this standardized curcumin-essential oil complex increases bioavailability more than 200-fold over raw turmeric powder and nearly 10-fold over conventional curcumin extracts. BCM-95® is the world’s best curcumin extract with over 50 clinical studies and a 15-year track record for safety and effectiveness!

Say Goodbye To “Bone on Bone” Pain!

In a healthy joint—a knee, elbow, hip, shoulder or any other spot where two bones meet—the ends of the bones are covered by cartilage. This smooth, white “connective tissue”—a kind of cross between soft muscle and hard bone—literally cushions every joint, making effortless movement possible.

But time isn’t kind to our joints. As the years pass, cartilage can erode. Cell by cell, it just wears away. Until there’s so little left that the two bones constantly bump into each other. Ouch! Nagging pain replaces pain-free living. Stiffness replaces flexibility.

It’s something that doctors call “bone on bone” pain. And if you have it, you know that you would do just about ANYTHING to rid it from your body.

If this is you, then I have some good news. It’s cases like this where Golden Revive + really shines!

The 6 powerful ingredients that you’ll get in Golden Revive + are:



30 Seconds Per Day

To Grease Your Joints and
Protect Your Heart and Lungs


Take 2 Capsules 1x Per Day

Why Golden Revive + is the Leading Joint Pain Relief Supplement

At UpWellness, we understand how tough life can be, especially if you're in pain. Golden Revive + was formulated to give you fast-acting relief. It is a safe, effective, and affordable way to get you feeling great again.

Golden Revive +: 

  • Physician formulated
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Endorsed by professional athletes
  • Uses BCM 95, which is 200x more powerful than raw turmeric

Other turmeric supplements:

  • Not formulated by a dedicated medical team
  • Use a less potent turmeric blend
  • Use curcumin that is poorly absorbed by the GI tract
  • May cause digestive distress

UpWellness Athlete Ambassadors

Charley Hull

LPGA Tour Winner and Ladies European Tour Winner

"I take Golden Revive + because it helps me with my joint pain, my swelling, and helps with recovery. I love it a lot and it has helped me loads"

Brendan Steele

3X PGA Tour Winner

"My ace in the hole for knee and hip pain is Golden Revive +! It works for me, and I am confident it will work for you too."

Featured Customer Reviews

"For me, Golden Revive + has been making my knee pain less…"

Diane S.

"With my job being very physical, my knees take a beating and always hurt. Since I’ve started Golden Revive+, I’ve noticed a lot less knee pain."

Richard R.

"Golden Revive+ has helped me stay active at 56 and feel better than ever..! Thanks.."

Armando A.

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Golden Revive +


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