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UpWellness Mojo

Adaptogenic Herbal Blend

Every delicious cup of UpWellness Mojo is like premium fuel for your internal personal power plant. It’s an advanced, physician-formulated combination of herbal “energy amplifiers” that will deliver:

 Steady All-Day Energy 

 Enhanced Metabolism

 Improved focus and concentration 

 Decreased cravings


The Power is in the Mushrooms

UpWellness Mojo contains the powerful ingredients of six different medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and have been a part of our medical team’s herbal medicine toolbox for over 20 years. When you get a daily dose of these energy amplifiers… you’ll never again have to worry about having the stamina you need for a day at the office, a long day working in the yard or a weekend shopping marathon.

What Does UpWellness Mojo Feel Like?

When you have your mojo working...the first thing you’ll notice is a clean, steady energy. Your metabolic rate will increase which makes weight loss come easily. In your mind, you’ll have better focus, clarity and attention. Your body will feel relaxed, calm and balanced. Having more mojo means you’ll feel less stressed and have more strength, stamina, motivation, and increased vitality.


With Coffee:

For a sweeter option, mix the whole scoop in one normal cup of coffee. Stir to enjoy.

For a less sweet option, mix half a scoop in one normal sized cup of coffee. Stir to enjoy.

With Warm Milk:

Add one scoop of UpWellness Mojo to 12oz of warm plant-based or animal milk for a delicious, energy filled hot-chocolate alternative. Stir to enjoy!

With Cold Milk:

Add one scoop of UpWellness Mojo to 12oz of cold plant-based or animal milk for a delicious, energy filled Chocolate Milk. Stir to enjoy.

With Warm/Hot Water:

Mix one scoop of UpWellness Mojo with 12oz of warm/hot water and stir to enjoy.

With Cold Water:

Mix one scoop of UpWellness Mojo in a 12oz cold water bottle. Shake to mix and enjoy a cold chocolate energy drink!

The all-natural ingredients that you’ll get in every cup of UpWellness Mojo are:

     ✔ REISHI
     ✔ SHITAKE

Why UpWellness Mojo is the Leading Joint Pain Relief Supplement

At UpWellness...

UpWellness Mojo

  • Physician formulated
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Endorsed by professional athletes
  • Uses BCM 95, which is 200x more powerful than raw turmeric

Other supplements:

  • Not formulated by a dedicated medical team
  • Use a less potent turmeric blend
  • Use curcumin that is poorly absorbed by the GI tract
  • May cause digestive distress

UpWellness Athlete Ambassadors

Charley Hull

LPGA Tour Winner and Ladies European Tour Winner

"I take UpWellness Mojo because it keeps me really focused on the golf course and gives me loads of energy when I'm coming down the stretch of an important tournament."

Brendan Steele

3X PGA Tour Winner

"I’m using UpWellness Mojo at the turn and it is helping me to stay focused, to stay calm, and to finish off my rounds better than I ever have before!"

Featured Customer Reviews

"I absolutely love Mojo! I drink it every morning in my coffee. The taste is fabulous, and I feel energized all day long!”

Tracey C.

"Healthy hot chocolate that smells and tastes delicious that I look forward to drinking every morning. I feel calm with more energy, improved focus and mental clarity, very happy, and have more stamina and endurance."

Kathy C.

“I thought I had lost my mojo forever. It turns out that UpWellness found it and it made it available to the world!!! No energy drink jitters or crash!! And it tastes great in coffee!!!”

Kevin D.

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