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It’s Time To Get Your Mojo Back!

UpWellness Mojo is a delicious solution for steady all-day energy, a supercharged metabolism, improved stamina, and strengthened muscles and joints. 

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Adrenal support for all-day energy and stamina

✔ Steady all-day energy
✔ Enhances metabolism
✔ Improves focus

Adaptogenic herbal blend formulated to revive energy and enhance focus

✔ Boosts energy levels
✔ Decreases cravings
✔ Increases motivation & stamina

A whole-body collagen formula for healthy joints, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and tendons

✔ Strengthens cartilage 
✔ Allows for effortless mobility 
✔ Supports your joints & ligaments

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UpWellness Athlete Ambassadors

Charley Hull

LPGA Tour Winner and Ladies European Tour Winner

"I take UpWellness Mojo because it keeps me really focused on the golf course and gives me loads of energy when I'm coming down the stretch of an important tournament."

Brendan Steele

3X PGA Tour Winner

"I’m using UpWellness Mojo at the turn and it is helping me to stay focused, to stay calm, and to finish off my rounds better than I ever have before!"

What is UpWellness Mojo?

It’s a revolutionary drink formula, created by doctors and loaded with a combination of adaptogenic herbal medicines and rich superfoods which enhance cellular energy production, balance stress hormones, and support optimal immunity.

 The clinical effect of this combination is safe and effective. And works to support cardiovascular, neurologic, immune, metabolic health, as well as your body’s mobility, flexibility, while assisting with recovery and repair.

The Key Being Adaptogens

Our whole UpWellness Mojo line contains hand-selected combinations of medicinal herbs that are known as ADAPTOGENS.

These botanical medicines have been used by herbalists for centuries to help improve physical and mental performance, elevate energy, enhance endurance, boost vitality and help strengthen your body.

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"Mojo makes me feel noticeably more energetic, balanced and just an over sense of well being...from Day 1! It's delicious in my coffee, too."

Mike M.

"My husband and I love this! Thank you for all you do! Makes me feel great and since taking Mojo I am more awake and the taste of Mojo gives my morning coffee a richer flavor."

Penny H.

"It tastes SO good! I start every morning with a cup of Mojo. It gives me the energy I need to get through the day without getting tired."



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